Web Version On this page is Post Jam Version 

Please use link below if rating for LD 39

Web Version for Ludum Dare Rating is here: https://automatonvx.itch.io/rocket-rescue-ld39-version

A Game built For Ludum Dare 39 - Running out of Power.

For Ludum Dare Rating use version with Ludum Dare in title, otherwise use post jam version with extra features etc.  Embedded Web Version Here is Post Jam Version.

Explore the treacherous caves and rescue the imprisoned creatures.

But don't take too long your power meter is decreasing..

WASD or Cursor keys to move. Up or W or engages thrust. 

Left CTRL/Left Mouse Click fires your lazer, Left Shift /Right Mouse Click drops a bomb (watch out these can hurt you too)

Credits: Thanks to MortMort for his #SoftMilk32 colour palette. 


Post Jam Version - updated graphics amended controls, new levels and various other new features. If Rating for Ludum Dare please use version with Ludum Dare 39 in the title or web version https://automatonvx.itch.io/rocket-rescue-ld39-version 


*Fixed bug where game was frozen on pause if tried to pause - exit - restart

*Fixed bug where lives and score were not reset after Game Over or Restart

Install instructions

Download the zip file and zip and run - standard unity exe


rocket-rescue-windows.zip (15 MB)
rocket-rescue-osx.zip (30 MB)
rocket-rescue-linux.zip (33 MB)
Rocket-Rescue_LD39 version-win-1.1.zip (12 MB)
Rocket-Rescue LD39 version-mac-1.1.app.zip (28 MB)
Rocket-Rescue-LD39 version 1.1-linux.zip (31 MB)
RocketRescue-LD39 version with bugs Win_v1.0.zip (14 MB)
RocketRescue LD39 version with bugs-mac.app_v1.0.zip (28 MB)
RocketRescue-LD39 version with bugs linux-v1.0.zip (31 MB)

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