Rhythm Game meets side scrolling shoot em up. Incompatible - maybe, you be the judge.

Controls - Arrow Keys to move, left CTRL/Left mouse Click, to shoot, or xbox 360 controller DPAD to move - A to shoot.
You can only move/shoot on the beat. 

Made in 72 Hours For Ludum Dare 41

All content by automatonVX except the fonts munro and square font. Pixel Palette based on DawnBringer32

Best run in 1280 X 720 - otherwise some game elements might not be visible.

If you have problems with the timing on the web version you might find you it works better in the  downloadable version for your platform.

Change Log

v1.1 - Added Web Build, fixed bug in player shot cooldown, Bug fix only, no new Features


RhythmShooter-win_1.1.zip 16 MB
Rhythm Attack 1.1 mac.app.zip 18 MB
Rhythm Attack Linux 1.1.zip 32 MB
RhythmShooter-win_1.0_original_LD_Version.zip 15 MB
Rhythm Attack Linux__1.0_original_LD_Version.zip 32 MB
Rhythm Attack mac__1.0_original_LD_Version.app.zip 18 MB

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