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I bought engineers but have no idea how to select them (where are they? what do they look like? how do i select them?) in order to clear the spawns

also, after a while, clicking create engineer was actually giving me 100 gold instead of costing me that gold

I very much like this game. The problem with it is that it has not become a real challenge anymore. Probably making the enemies destroy the roads or the towers themselves could help. Also, random appearance of enemy bases over time would keep the tension.

Great game, keep it on.


This game is exactly what I was looking for. A great little time, and the random generation does good!
I wish I could have seen the tutorial tips after I hit "Okay" the first time, but restarting the first map wasn't too big of a deal.

Great game, thanks!


:) glad you had fun, thanks for playing

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Very nice game! It's the kind of game I hope to make some day. One thing: I noticed that the red grid shown around archer towers displaying their range seems to stay there for a long time, and it isn't obvious how to get rid of it. Is there a way to remove it??

thanks, I think if you select another one or click again on the same tower it goes away, but yeah thats a bug. Probably the best way to get rid of it is post here and shame me to go back and fix some bugs :D. Thanks for playing.

I noticed this too and actually figured out how to click out. You just click on the ground. If it's not the one you wanted to get rid of, click on the one you want to disable and then click on the ground and it will go away. While this was annoying at times, it was also useful to see if two towers overlapped and fix it if they didn't. So I'd suggest keeping it the way it is or making it so you can have it stay if you want it to.

Nice game! Personaly, I whould also like a sandbox gamemode, where the game never ends and you can just continue building your city + bigger maps.
★★★★★ from me

This is awesome I played some pixel cartel and came back to try this. Im currently building a similar game to pixel cartel but on a slightly larger scale was wondering if youd like to collaborate? you can message me on twitter @dtpgaming12 if interested

I like that game too! Thanks for joining my game jam btw ;)

What is the circular icon on the top right?
Wood | Ore | Money | Population | Food | ???

Oh that is meant to be a clock, it tells you week (day). Since all things, resource production etc happen on a daily timer.  Its not really very relevant most of the time though.


Great game! I suggest increasing technologies and bigger maps.

thanks for the feedback, yeah my vague plan for the future would be to expand out the kind of things you can build, I hadn't thought anyone would be too interested in really large maps, but I am working on random map generation and was planning to give options for size, so I will try and include a really large option.

Great basis for a Game! Adding more progressive goals like Technologies or other resources and you'll have a great game on your hands!

Also, i suggest possibly adding a very faint grid to the map, just so you know how large a Tile is. Other then that, you have a very good start.

Not fun for me, probably add ingame tutorial or something to explain it. Give it all purpose.

Loved the game!!! Just add a few more scenarios, maybe a few unlockable buildings, and it'll be AWESOME!!!

Fun! Add more to it and fix some things, this can be great!