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Nice game! Personaly, I whould also like a sandbox gamemode, where the game never ends and you can just continue building your city + bigger maps.
★★★★★ from me

This is awesome I played some pixel cartel and came back to try this. Im currently building a similar game to pixel cartel but on a slightly larger scale was wondering if youd like to collaborate? you can message me on twitter @dtpgaming12 if interested

What is the circular icon on the top right?
Wood | Ore | Money | Population | Food | ???

Oh that is meant to be a clock, it tells you week (day). Since all things, resource production etc happen on a daily timer.  Its not really very relevant most of the time though.


Great game! I suggest increasing technologies and bigger maps.

thanks for the feedback, yeah my vague plan for the future would be to expand out the kind of things you can build, I hadn't thought anyone would be too interested in really large maps, but I am working on random map generation and was planning to give options for size, so I will try and include a really large option.

Great basis for a Game! Adding more progressive goals like Technologies or other resources and you'll have a great game on your hands!

Also, i suggest possibly adding a very faint grid to the map, just so you know how large a Tile is. Other then that, you have a very good start.

Not fun for me, probably add ingame tutorial or something to explain it. Give it all purpose.

Loved the game!!! Just add a few more scenarios, maybe a few unlockable buildings, and it'll be AWESOME!!!

Fun! Add more to it and fix some things, this can be great!