A miniature town building game - grow your population to reach the scenario goals and fight off the mysterious local creatures.

Built For Ludum Dare 38 - Theme - A Small World


Mouse - Click on buttons to select object to place and then left click to place. Right click to cancel.

Cursor Arrows to Move camera around map.


The highlighted object you are about to place does not position itself exactly where the cursor is, for larger structures it might be a little bit to the side and above.

Was originally aiming for the compo but life got in the way so I didn't make it and submitted to the jam instead.

All 'art', music, programming etc was done by myself in the 72 hour window, so compo in spirit at least.

Edit - Update

Bug fix update.

Game breaks if archer tower cleared

graphics glitch: arrows were colliding with gold/fertile ground

population not decreased when housing removed

'No money' feedback not displayed when trying to buy an item without enough money.

Install instructions

Download zip File and run the .exe on windows or whatever is typical for your platform. Its a standard built with unity project


PixelTown.zip (12 MB)
PixelWorld.app.zip (27 MB)
PixelWorldLinux.zip (30 MB)
PixelTown_original_version_pre_bug_fix.zip (12 MB)


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Loved the game!!! Just add a few more scenarios, maybe a few unlockable buildings, and it'll be AWESOME!!!

Fun! Add more to it and fix some things, this can be great!