A miniature town building meets tower defence  game - grow your population to reach the scenario goals and fight off the mysterious local creatures.

Originally Built For Ludum Dare 38 - Theme - A Small World


Mouse - Click on buttons to select object to place and then left click to place. Right click to cancel.

Cursor Arrows to Move camera around map.

This game is still under development. If you come across any bugs or have suggestions feel free to post them in the comments section.

Web Version seems to works best in Firefox

Future plans. 

More types of military structures.

More types of enemies.

Random maps

Install instructions

Download zip File and run the .exe on windows or whatever is typical for your platform. Its a standard built with unity project


pixel-town-windows.zip (13 MB)
pixel-town-osx.zip (29 MB)
pixel-town-linux.zip (32 MB)
PixelTownLd38Version.zip (12 MB)


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Great game! I suggest increasing technologies and bigger maps.

thanks for the feedback, yeah my vague plan for the future would be to expand out the kind of things you can build, I hadn't thought anyone would be too interested in really large maps, but I am working on random map generation and was planning to give options for size, so I will try and include a really large option.

Great basis for a Game! Adding more progressive goals like Technologies or other resources and you'll have a great game on your hands!

Also, i suggest possibly adding a very faint grid to the map, just so you know how large a Tile is. Other then that, you have a very good start.

Not fun for me, probably add ingame tutorial or something to explain it. Give it all purpose.

Loved the game!!! Just add a few more scenarios, maybe a few unlockable buildings, and it'll be AWESOME!!!

Fun! Add more to it and fix some things, this can be great!