Arena 3000

Set in a dystopian future, the roman gladiatorial battles have been resurrected.

Fight For your freedom

Controls - Arrow keys/WASD and space/mouse click to shoot

Controller support (post LD version)

Originally An Entry for Ludum Dare 37 Compo (Theme - One Room).

Original version Build/Drawn/Recorded in 48 Hours.

Post LD Version added with all the features that didn't make it into the first version and better balancing

The web version seems to be a bit laggy :(  for the best experience I recommend using the downloadable native version .

Install instructions

This game should be playable in a browser that supports webgl,  but works best in the downloadable desktop versions


Download 16 MB
Version 1 May 31, 2017
Download 31 MB
Version 1 May 31, 2017
Download 33 MB
Version 1 May 31, 2017
Arena3000 Original LD 12 MB

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