A fairly minimalist platformer made for Minimalistic Jam 2  over a few days.

Inspired by classics such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Super Meat Boy etc. and squirrels

Its recommended to play the levels in order as they should be in ascending difficulty


Arrows or WASD to move, left CTRL or mouse left-click to Jump. (Hold Less for small jump, longer for higher one). 

ESC key in main game to bring up options (disable Music/ Sound FX etc.) 

Also supports Xbox 360/generic controller (hint probably plays best/easiest with a controller).

Web Version Seems to work ok in chrome and Firefox, but if experience any slow down, try the desktop versions

Install instructions

A standard Unity project, kust unzip and run the .exe, recommend running windowed at 1280 X 720, but should be ok at other resolutions also 


SuperSquirrel-Win.zip 16 MB
SuperSquirrel-mac.app.zip 18 MB
SuperSquirrel-Linux.zip 33 MB